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The Applied Forest Science and Industry Development (AFSID) Division is the Research & Development arm of SARAWAK FORESTRY. It is assigned to play crucial enabling roles towards the much desired attainment of sustainable forest management, forest conservation, value-added processing and other sectoral goals. Their activities include:

  • Research on biodiversity on forest ecosystems, recovery of endangered species and habitat management
  • Research on applied forest practices, soil, watershed and hydrology, forest protection and tree improvement
  • Study on forest community relations, conflict resolution and agroforestry
  • Research on basic wood properties, efficient utilization of forest resources and product development
  • Develop and implement forestry and technical training programmes to enhance competency of forestry workforce
  • Maintain up-to-date internationally recognized reference collections
  • Coordinate provision of services,  research applications and revenue generation activities from AFSID resources and capacities


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