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The Sama Jaya Nature Reserve covers an area of approximately 38 hectares and is the first multi-purpose urban forest park in Sarawak. Situated entirely within Kuching’s city limits in the suburb of Tabuan Jaya, it consists mostly of karangas forest, providing a valuable green lung for the city, education and recreation facilities for its people, and an important refuge for urban wildlife.

Sama Jaya was formerly known as Stutong Protected Forest, one of the oldest protected areas in Sarawak, having been constituted in 1950. The park is designed to provide an authentic urban wilderness, with all its facilities and activities integrated into the natural forest environment. The first urban forestry project undertaken by Sarawak Forestry, Sama Jaya’s primary objective is to promote multiple uses of forests through encouraging outdoor recreation, nature conservation education and nature-based tourism; creating a reserve and refuge for urban wildlife; and conserving a “Green Island” for Kuching city.



Despite its suburban location, Sama Jaya is a rich reservoir of indigenous wildlife. The wide variety of small mammals, reptiles and amphibians found here include 2 squirrel species, a shrew, 3 rat species, fruit bats, tarsiers, 9 frog species, 3 lizard species, a tortoise, and 20 bird species. There are also occasional sightings of various wild monkey species.



Health & Recreation

Jogging/Walking :-
Sama Jaya’s two jogging tracks are amongst the most popular in Kuching. At 870 metres and 1600 metres respectively, the tracks cater for both beginners and serious joggers, and offer variety to regular users. Both tracks wind their way through attractive forest scenery, promoting a sense of oneness with nature while you exercise.

Fitness Trail :–
The short fitness trail has a selection of fixed apparatus for visitors to do physical exercise before or after jogging.

Reflexology :–
The Reflexology Path (or Path of Good Life) is laid with pebbles of various sizes, designed to stimulate the various pressure points of the feet while walking, which is believed by many to lead to improved health and well-being.

Baruk Shelter :–
Ideal for group exercises such as aerobics and Tai Chi, the Baruk shelter can accommodate up to 60 people

Hiroshima-Sarawak Friendship Garden :–
This tranquil traditional Japanese Garden (complete with Tea House) symbolizes the close friendship between the peoples of Sarawak and Hiroshima, and their cooperation in the field of forest conservation.


Social & Educational

Activity Centre :–
This open air meeting place is ideal for group functions such as outdoor lectures, discussions, and social gatherings such as Family Days. It can accommodate up to 200 people.

Visitor Centre :–
The Visitor Centre houses an audio-visual theatre, exhibition room, and conference room which are available for use by local organizations, as well as a viewing tower and the Park’s administrative office.

Timber and Bamboo Museum :–
A showcase of 82 species of timber producing trees found in the State and the products derived from them, the museum also features various artifacts made from bamboo.

Forest Biology Museum :–
This museum displays the various insect species, mushrooms, algae, plants with ethnobotaniccal uses and other small organisms that are found in the rainforest, and describes the vital role that they play in the ecology of our forests and the lives of the people who live amongst them.

Ethno-Botanical Garden :–
Sarawak’s enormous biodiversity has produced a wide range of plants and herbs which have medicinal properties. A total of 82 of the most significant plants species used in traditional medicine or for ritual purposes are on display here.

Rest Shelters :–
There are 13 shelters situated along the jogging tracks for resting or taking shelter from bad weather.



Entrance to Museums & Japanese Garden
Entrance to the Timber Museum, the Bamboo Museum, the Forest Biology Museum and the Hiroshima-Sarawak Friendship Garden is by request. Please enquire at the visitor center during office hours.
Entry Fees & Permits

A nominal entry fee is charged for visitors to Sama Jaya Nature Reserve. Please check with the National Parks Booking Office in Kuching or the Sarawak Forestry website for the latest fee structure.

Reservations & Enquiries

National Parks Booking Office,
Visitors Information Centre,
Sama Jaya Nature Reserve,
Jalan Setia Jaya,Tabuan Jaya,
93000 Kuching Sarawak,
Tel: (+6) 082 248088 Fax: (+6) 082 248087

Online booking:

Opening Hours
National Parks Booking Office Monday-Friday 0800 hrs – 1700 hrs
Saturday, Sunday& Public Holidays Closed

Getting There

Sama Jaya Nature Reserve is 10-15 minutes drive from Kuching City Centre. Chin Lian Long bus No. 14C (from the Mosque Road Bus Terminal) stops just in front of the park after passing the main Tabuan Jaya Shopping Centre.

Further Information

Tel: (+6) 082 610088 Fax: (+6) 082 610099
Toll free line: 1 800 88 2526

Sama Jaya Nature Reserve
Tel: (+6) 082 365194
Fax: (+6) 082 368516

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