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Sarawak has one of most extensive protected area networks in Malaysia. The State's protected area network includes 30 national parks, 4 wildlife sanctuaries and 10 nature reserves. These protected areas cover a total area 837,553.80 ha (land area and water body).

Currently, there are about 15 totally protected areas that is opened to the public (which includes national parks, nature reserves and wildlife centers). These parks and nature reserves showcase our natural heritage and act as key attractions for Sarawak's expanding tourism industry. Wildlife sanctuaries, however, are not open to visitors and exist to preserve and conserve vulnerable ecosystems or endangered wildlife. Each has its own crucial role to play in protecting the natural environment and our remarkable biodiversity.

The Protected Areas and Biodiversity Conservation unit is responsible for environmental protection and conservation activities throughout the state. As the custodian of Sarawak's national parks, other protected areas and protected species and wildlife in general; this unit has the greatest interaction with the general public and enjoys the greatest public awareness. Its duties include:

  • Management of national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, nature reserves and other protected areas.
  • Protection, enhancement and regeneration of Sarawak's indigenous flora and fauna, including wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, both inside and outside protected areas.
  • Activities related to forest biodiversity conservation.
  • Raising public awareness of conservation and sustainability issues through education and training programs.
  • Business development and project planning for conservation based activities.
  • Promotion and regulation of nature-based tourism.



To be globally recognized as a leader in management of totally protected areas (based on IUCN – World Conservation Union management framework).


To conserve, develop and market products and services while maintaining a balance of economic, environmental and social interests.


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