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SARAWAK FORESTRY believes in working in collaboration with its stakeholders and the community towards achieving its business goals. Our mission is designed to accomplish a stable balance of achievement that benefits both the corporate and social entities:

“To conserve and develop Sarawak’s forest products and services while maintaining a balance of economic, environmental and social interests”

Having the ‘I CARE’ value that represents the identity of SARAWAK FORESTRY, our social responsibilities revolve around communicating to the public to educate on forest management and conservation, as well as related matters pertaining to its concept. Our contributions to the community are being carried out by various social programs, which include:

  • Education outreach program
  • Community outreach program
  • public awareness activity
  • environmental conservation

SARAWAK FORESTRY is given a unique opportunity to make a lasting contribution to the environment and the people. And we are honored to share this with you.


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