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The Sustainable Forestry and Compliance Unit is the principal operational business unit of SARAWAK FORESTRY. It administers the economic, environmental and social aspects of Sarawak's forests, working in collaboration with the timber industry and non-timber producers and rural communities. The unit consists of three departments, namely, Sustainable Resource Management, Compliance and Revenue.

The unit has 18 offices located throughout the State and carries out a broad range of activities to ensure the implementation of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM), the regulation of timber industry operations and practices, and the monitoring of compliance with measures designed to conserve and enhance the State's forest resources. Its key tasks include:

  • Managing the State’s forest resources according to SFM requirements.
  • Collecting revenue on all forest produces harvested from licensed areas.
  • Monitoring timber harvesting operations through harvesting plans, forest inventories and surveys.
  • Implementing conservation and rehabilitation activities, including forest regeneration
  • Supporting positive community relations and development activities, to improve the socio-economic standing of rural communities.


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