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Welcome to SARAWAK FORESTRY, and the unique vision we are planning to achieve - global recognition as the leader in tropical forest conservation and products.

We are entrusted to safeguard and sustainably manage the amazing biodiversity, in Sarawak's forests - covering tens of thousands of species of animals, plants, fungi and other life forms. As custodians of Sarawak's forests we are committed to act responsibly. We have also been given a unique opportunity to make a lasting contribution to Forestry will carry out these responsibilities professionally and successfully, with the co-operation and support of our employees, our stakeholders and the community.

As we work together to achieve our common goals, we will bring the right blend of passion, dedication and professionalism to this task - for the rewards of success will not be shared only by us.

Our children, our grandchildren and future generations will recognize our successful stewardship of the natural environment and its conservation. Our employees and their families are therefore critical stakeholders in this quest for sustainability.





If you encounter or suspect any illegal activities e.g. illegal logging, hunting, capturing, killing, trading, keeping as pets, importing or exporting of protected wildlife, or any activity that violates the Ordinances, please contact our hotlines:
  • Kuching : +6 019 818 6707
  • Miri : +6 019 829 0944
  • Sibu : + 013 8035758
  • Bintulu : +6 013 833 0657

7th International Hornbill Conference
For more information, please CLICK HERE
The 6th International Bornean Frog Race 2017
Date : April 28, 2017 - April 29, 2017
Venue : Gunung Gading National Park, Lundu, Sarawak Malaysia
For more information, please CLICK HERE
Temporary Closure of Wind Cave Nature Reserve
16th February 2017
Kindly be informed that Wind Cave Nature Reserve would be temporarily closed with immediate effect due to flooding caused by incessant rain in the area. The jetty platform located near the Nature Reserve's office is submerged. Overflowing of water from a nearby river had also flooded the interior of Wind Cave. The nearby Fairy Cave Nature Reserve however is still open to the public for the time being. The public may contact the management of Wind Cave and Fairy Cave Nature Reserves at +6082-375490 as well as National Park Booking Office at +6082-248088 for further inquiries and information. The Wind Cave will be reopened to visitors once the situation returns to normalcy. Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.
Partly Closed Trail at Similajau National Park Re-Opens to Public
5th February 2017
Kindly be informed that the partly closed main trail at Similajau National Park (SNP) is now re-opened to the public. The trail was previously announced closed from Kilometre 3.9 onwards following damage to a bridge connecting the trail to the Golden and Turtle beaches. SFC in the same announcement also notified the public of temporary suspension of water-based activities at the National Park. Now that repair works had been completed, visitors could now visit the Turtle Beach and Golden Beach as usual. However, the suspension of water-based activities remains in view of the prevailing north-east monsoon. For further inquiries and clarifications, members of the public/staff may contact Similajau National Park Office at +6019-8610998.
Painted Cave at Niah National Park Re-Opens to Public
3rd February 2017
Please be notified that the Painted Cave at Niah National Park is now re-opened to the public. The Painted Cave was previously announced closed to visitors following damage to the boardwalks leading to the Cave. Now that repair works had completed, the trail is passable and visitors could visit the Painted Cave as usual. Apart from its significance for biodiversity, Niah National Park is also an important site for archaeology where public and researchers flock to view the famous Niah cave paintings, 'death-ships', ancient burial site etc. Members of the public may contact Niah National Park at +6085-737454/ 450 or Miri National Park Booking Office at +6085-434184/ 435384 for inquiries and information.
1 February 2017
Capture the captivating site and rare occurrence of the world's largest flower at Gunung Gading National Park.
  • Location: 20 minutes walks (600m) from Park HQ
  • Date: 1 February 2017 - 6 February 2017 (Size: 65 cm)
  • No. of Petal: 5 Petals
  • For further enquiry please contact +082 735144
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