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What makes an organization tick and click is the people – the most important commodity in today’s challenging business world. For a smart career move and great future ahead of you, let us show you what SARAWAK FORESTRY has to offer.

Our corporate office is located in Kuching, a city of half a million people with diverse cultural background. SARAWAK FORESTRY’s workforce comprises well trained and highly motivated professionals from every field of resource management . In terms of operation effectiveness, be rest assured because SARAWAK FORESTRY stamped its marks with excellence and ISO certification is testament to this.

Our core business revolves around FOREST MANAGEMENT and BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION. As we carry out our responsibilities, we envisioned to be globally recognized as the leader in tropical forest conservation and products.

Add spice to your life with SARAWAK FORESTRY’s culture. Mingle with our dedicated foresters, researchers, conservationist, biologists and many more colourful characters while working together in developing strategies, plans for the conservation and development of Sarawak forest products and services while maintaining a balance of economic, environmental and social interest.

At SARAWAK FORESTRY, we create an exciting environment to work with that is different from others. If you have what it takes to be part of this success, feel free to communicate with us at hrhelpdesk@www.sarawakforestry.com. Begin your path towards a rewarding career.

Challenging Work Environment

Our clientele consists of a myriad of diversified sectors – from forest and timber industry players, NGOs, Government to local and international organizations. At SARAWAK FORESTRY you are exposed with our coveted internationally certified management processes in your daily works, research or conservation projects. You will have the opportunity to explore different parts of exotic Sarawak. We believe that internal promotion is often the best way to reward the best people at the top. So if you are a professional with a mind for long-term success in assisting SARAWAK FORESTRY to achieve its vision, then we would love to welcome you on board.

At SARAWAK FORESTRY, we also believe in nurturing young talents in maneuvering their potentials to greater heights. Addressing this, we offer an option for fresh graduates. We understand your need and will help you start your career – apply for our internship program. Frequent, regular progress reviews, an employee development focus, and competitive incentive and reward programs will help you advance your career at SARAWAK FORESTRY.

Competitive Benefits

At SARAWAK FORESTRY, employees are our assets. We believe in rewarding and recognizing our employees for their well-deserved performance. We also believe in keeping our employees happy, safe and healthy to ensure success for our business and our clients. We offer a wide variety of benefits to promote positive personal, financial and medical security for our employees and their dependents. Our competitive benefit package includes:

  • Medical and dental benefits
  • Employee insurance benefits
  • Generous paid leave
  • Loans and loan subsidies
  • Membership to professional bodies and corporate club
  • Uniforms

Personal Growth

We believe happy and satisfied employees are the best employees. We also know your life is more than an 8-to-5 experience. Our work/life approach is comprised of seminars, classes and programs to help you become the person you want to be whether while at work or outside the office. We support employees in their quest for personal and professional advancement. Programs, seminars and educational and technical pursuits within your field of work are available to help you get ahead in your career. In keeping abreast with the ever-challenging world, we allocate a huge fund in investing our employees in various training programs, enhancing their skills and developing leaders.

Team Activities

SARAWAK FORESTRY promotes various employee activities to help everyone feel like part of the FAMILY. We support employee activities for everything from company get together to soccer, to community outreach and environmental conservation. As we said earlier on … we are UNIQUE in every sense of the word!

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Corporate Office

Kuching Regional Office

Sibu Regional Office

Bintulu Regional Office
Miri Regional Office
Corporate Office

Kuching Regional Office

Sibu Regional Office

Bintulu Regional Office
Miri Regional Office

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